NewsLocalPolice have checked half the population of Cyprus for COVID measures' breach

Police have checked half the population of Cyprus for COVID measures’ breach

Despite the fact that the epidemiological indicators of our country show a better image, the Police are increasing the checks for the implementation of the decrees to contain the pandemic.

According to police data, during January there have been 250,401 checks of citizens and establishments. Out of these checks 2,892 individuals and 57 establishments got fines. In December out of 184,692 checks, 2,419 individuals and 105 establishments were reported. Also, in November, Police carried out 74,112 checks and fined 1,321 citizens and 52 establishments. In total, during the last three months 509,205 checks have taken place, meaning more than half of the population of Cyprus was checked.

Most fines had to do with not wearing the protective mask or for not having sent SMS to 8998 during lockdown periods.

Moreover, during the last weekend, more than 10,000 checks of individuals and establishments took place.


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