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Police charge teenager with driving offence

A 15-year old teenager, who was driving without a license or insurance, in Paphos district was charged in writing by the police and was subsequently set free to be called to appear before the court at a later date.

The owner of the car, a relative of the 15-year old teenager, has also been charged.

Yesterday afternoon, the teenager failed to stop when asked by traffic police to stop. Instead he sped off with intent to get away but the police soon managed to stop him.

He refused to give his details to the police officer and was arrested. He pushed and attacked a member of the police, causing scratches on his left hand.

Police established that the teenager hails from a village in Paphos district, and he was driving without a license or insurance.

The teenager and the car were driven to a police station and both he and the owner of the car were questioned about the incident and charged.

Police at Polis Chrysohous are continuing their investigations.










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