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Police book 24 citizens and 6 establishment owners for violations of COVID-19 measures

Cyprus Police handed out hefty fines to establishments’ owners in the last 24 hours for violations of measures in place to restrain the pandemic. The fines were mainly concerning non-compliance with the regulations regarding the Safepass.

In total, the Police booked 24 citizens and 6 establishments after carrying out 2,289 checks island wide. The individuals were mainly booked for not wearing a protective mask.

A supermarket in Famagusta district was handed a fine of 8,000 euros for not having a sign at the entrance stating how many people, staff and customers it could accommodate. Also, a café in Limassol was fined 3,000 euros for not checking customer’s Safepass before entering.

In  Nicosia a total of 705 checks were carried out and four individuals and four establishments were booked. In Limassol the Police made 213 checks and booked 9 citizens and one shop owner.

Furthermore, in Larnaca during 449 checks no fines were issued, whereas in Paphos 187 checks were done and five citizens were booked. In Famagusta after 471 checks six individuals and one establishment were booked, while in Morphou district no fine was issued after 49 checks.

The Traffic Department conducted 147 checks and the Port Police 68 without handing out any fines.

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