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Police believe Syrian suspect into murder case of two Russian women had accomplice

Police investigating the recent shocking murder in mountainous Kato Amiandos of two Russian women by a Syrian man with Cypriot nationality believe he did not act alone.

And that the 32-year-old man who faces pre-meditated murder charges had an accomplice whom he refuses to name, Philenews reported on Tuesday.

The assumption arises from CCTV data showing an unknown man in the co-driver’s seat of his car on the day of his return from the holiday home where the murder had taken place to Limassol .

He told investigators the man was a hitchhiker and that he does not even remember his name.

The two women, Alraeesi Khaiat, 43, and Mariia Gazibagandova, 33, had arrived in Cyprus some months ago as tourists and lived in coastal Larnaca where they were reported missing on November 17.

They were shot with a hunting rifle with the bodies of both women found buried in a garden in mountainous Kato Amiandos village where the Syrian worked on a construction project on Sunday.

The man, who is married in Cyprus, confessed during questioning on Sunday that he had murdered them after he heard them scoffing at him.

Earlier, investigation found traces of blood at the house in that village and on an excavator used in the construction which matched the DNA of one of the women.

Insiders said that after killing them, the suspect said he had wrapped them in nylon, hid them in the basement of the holiday home and brought over two Syrian workers he found randomly in Limassol.

The workers helped him with an escalator to dig a hole two meters deep which he then turned into a grave for the two women.

The confession of the main suspect came late on Saturday under the weight of the data from the telecommunications that traced his movements and from purchases he made with the credit card of one of the women.


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