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Police ask road transport department to revoke licence of two drivers

Traffic police have asked the road transport department to prohibit two indviduals– one caught speeding and the other driving under the influence of drugs — from driving as they step up efforts to stem the bloodshed on the roads.

Transport Minister Yiannos Karousos had announced last week that drivers caught speeding excessively or driving drunk or under the influence of drugs would have their driving licence revoked or suspended.

Over and above criminal actions being taken for offenders, traffic police have moved swftly in line with this decision and have written to the road transport department to prohibit two drivers from driving.

The first is a 23 year old  man who posted a video of his speedometer at 180 km on social media over the weekend. He was tracked down by police, has been charged in writing and is due to answer the charges next Monday.

The second driver tested positive for cocaine after he was stopped for speeding by police two days ago in Latsia.

The commissioner for motor vehicles has the authority to suspend or revoke a driving licence. The individual in question has 14 days to submit an objection. If it is rejected, then the individual must retake a driving test.  Individuals who test positive for drugs will be referred to a medical council which will decide on their suitability to  acquire a driving licence.

If the department does revoke or suspend a licence, traffic police are informed  and the name entered on the data base for checks.

Head of traffic at police headquarters Yiannis Georgiou said that the criteria underwhich police who catch speeding drivers or those under the influence of alcohol or drugs can set in motion the process to revoke or suspend their licence will be finalised soon.

He said police did not want the licence revoked of someone who is driving by 10% or 20% over the  alcohol or speed limit although procedures for an immediate court hearing will be set in motion.

But if the driver is speeding excessively and posing a risk, then further than arrest, the individual will face having their licence revoked, he added.

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