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Police acquires first water cannon vehicle

Police will acquire its first crowd-management vehicle, known as a water cannon vehicle, to combat violence at sports grounds, clashes and general disturbances, Phileleftheros reports.

The vehicle, which is expected to be delivered next month, can shoot high-pressure water from two canons – one on its roof and one at the front.

The water can contain colour, tear gas or foam for fire suppression. A blade on the vehicle can remove any objects blocking the streets and it also has a function that allows the recording of events around it, while the cabin will offer protection to its passengers from smoke and tear gas through a filter system.

Police said that so far they have been unable to effectively control public safety threats like vandalisms at clubhouses, but that is about to change with the new vehicle, as well as additional crowd-management vehicles that have already been ordered by the Technological Development Department of the Cyprus Police and will be distributed to district police departments.

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