NewsLocalPlans for a designated taxi space at Larnaca Airport causes friction

Plans for a designated taxi space at Larnaca Airport causes friction

A government plan to set up a designated taxi space at Larnaca Airport is causing friction between the Transport Ministry and some of the estimated 205 affected taxi drivers.

This is what Philenews reported on Tuesday, adding that the group of disgruntled drivers have already warned they will close all roads leading to the international airport as of Friday.

They strongly object to the Ministry allowing the Licencing Authority to play a role in the way taxis operate at the airport.

Philenews also reports that those taxi drivers in favour of this new arrangement are worried over the strong opposition by colleagues who are “fanatically against it”.

And that a ‘civil war’ is brewing at the airport at the expense of tourist arrivals and the economy at large.

At the same time, head of the Licensing Authority Christos Karas told Philenews the only thing that will change as a result of the new system is the taxi ride distribution.

And this will pave the way for a fairer ride distribution since the Authority’s officer at the airport will designate one long transfer followed by a short one, he added.

Something that it was not the case up to now, with some taxi drivers complaining they were burdened with long rides all the time.

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