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Pistacia terebinthus, the Forestry Department’s Tree of the Year

Pistacia terebinthus (terebinth) is the Forestry Department’s Tree of the Year for 2021.

Terebinth is a deciduous shrub or small tree up to six metres high, with greyish-brown bark.

It is indigenous to Cyprus, common on rocky mountainsides and in pine forests, maquis and garique.

It is locally common at Akamas, Lysos, the Troodos mountain range, Alassa, Alaminos, Kormakitis, Kythrea, Agios Amvrosios (Keryneia), Ardana, Karpasia, Deneia – Kokkinotrimithia (0–1.500 m altitude). It can also be found in other Mediterranean

Thanks to its flowers, foliage colours and fruit, terebinth can be used as an ornamental plant. It thrives on all types of soils and is propagated by seed.

In Cyprus its fruit is used to make “tremithopittes” (terebinth pies).

In some places, the fruit is eaten either dry or roasted. Many terebinth plants have horn-like galls (which are caused by an insect) that contain yellow dye.

Terebinth’s flowers emerge from March to April while its fruit ripen from September to December.

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