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Pissouri to launch home composting pilot programme



Pissouri Community Council is launching a pilot home composting programme to reduce organic waste produced by households in the Community.

Under the programme, 20 households will be subsidized with the purchase of a home composter to be placed in their yards and will be trained by the Environmental Advisor of the Community Council Nikolas Nikolaou (Chemical Engineer) in collaboration with the organization ACPELIA ( and AKTI ( and Dr. Michalis Loizidis (Chemical Engineering).

They will also work with the Community Council’s Environmental Adviser to answer some questions (every three months) about composting that will be used to expand the pilot composting programme to all interested households in Pissouri Community Area.

“The composters will be about the shape of the figure below. They will be able to create the necessary fungi through aerobic process (with natural ventilation), for the conversion of organic waste into organic soil. This soil can be used in the gardens of the beneficiary households in the Composting Pilot programme or anywhere else. In short, it is a process of converting waste into soil with increased nutrients (compost), like the process that takes place in the digestion of organic animal waste,” Pissouri Community Council said on its Facebook page.

Those interested are invited to express an interest through the Council’s application programme.

Selection criteria:
(a) interest in participating
(b) willingness to cooperate with the Environmental Adviser of the Pissouri Community Council
(c) volume and mass of household organic waste
(d) environmental interest of the household

Selected households will have the following benefits:
• Free composters at home
• Reduction of the mass of their organic waste
• Additional discount at the end for garbage collection through the decision of the Community Council in April 2020
• Production of primary organic soil by households for their garden
• Example to imitate for other households in our Community

The Council said that the benefits for the Community will be:
• Implementation of a Pioneer Pilot composting application for our Community and for Cyprus in general
• Reduction in the total volume of Community waste and therefore reduction of total expenditures in relation to waste costs
• Through the continuous upgrading of the institution there will be an increase in environmental awareness
• Proposal to the Government for an additional grant of the pilot application with data now in our hands for the waste.

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