NewsLocalPilot program of Cypriot embroidery at Lefkara village

Pilot program of Cypriot embroidery at Lefkara village

Natasa Pilidou, Minister of Energy, Commerce and Industry, has today visited the village of Lefkara due to a pilot program that has begun there, aiming to teach the traditional art of Lefkara embroidery to nine young women who have expressed interest.

This educational program is being subsidized by the Ministry and is aiming to preserve this unique all over the world art of Lefkara embroidery, which as of 2009 is included in the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Moreover, the Minister referred to the efforts to strengthen the Cyprus Handicraft Service, by issuing a new strategic plan which beyond the upgrading of the Service’s structures will also aim at promoting and improving the entrepreneurship and competitiveness of handicrafts.

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