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Photo competition: “Traditional Occupations of Cyprus”

AKEL and the European United Left/Nordic Green Left ( GUE/NGL) in the European Parliament have launched a Pancyprian photo competition under the topic: “Traditional Occupations of Cyprus”.

The photo competition is open to everyone above the age of 18, and each participant is allowed to submit up to five images taken by himself/herself on the given topic issued which is Projection of the traditional occupations of Cyprus through photography (making of traditional baskets, chairs, footwear, clothes, bread, furniture etc.)

Some of the criteria participants should take into account while submitting their work are:

The competition is focused on one subject only

  • Photos can be black and white or colour
  • Each contestant can participate with 2 to 5 of his/her work.
  • The photographs to be submitted to the competition must be sent via email and be RGB 300 dpi and 40cm high (or 40cm short side). The photos must be in a digital jpg file at 300 dpi. The colour profile should be sRGB.
  • The photographer must be the intellectual creator of the work to be submitted and bear the responsibility for persons who may be pictured in the photographs sent. Every artist is entitled to participate with only one photo in the calendar
  • Photos that have been awarded or have been featured in previous exhibitions will not be accepted.
  • Contestants are free to use any approach/interpretation that suits their own way of expression. However, photos that have been created through a montage or have had some element added/removed that have altered their authenticity will not be evaluated and will be excluded from the competition. Edits in relation to contrasts, brightness, colours and frame settings that do not alter the authenticity of the photo will be accepted. The evaluation of the assessment panel will apply to these matters.
  • There mustn’t be any signature, name and mark (logo) or any other indication of the participant’s identity on the photographs sent to the competition.
  • All photos must have a name followed by a code with at least four letters and two numbers and their location (e.g.: BASKET MAKER-Abcd14-Morphou). Each contestant can use only one CODE name for all the photos he/she will send.
  • Contestants in each photo should state the location the photo was taken.
  • Photos must have been taken only in Cyprus.

According to the organisers, photos that do not meet all the criteria will not be evaluated.

The top 12 photos selected by the judging panel will be included in the 2020 AKEL/NGL calendar as well as in a photo exhibition in Cyprus and the European Parliament in Brussels.

The competition got underway today. All participants should submit their work by October 20 to: [email protected].

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