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Phone tapping: the confidential emails of

“Intellexa company only rents and does not sell the said software thus limiting the number of possible targets. It also limits the position of targets.” This is what was said by one of the sellers of the Predator software through Intellexa company, with headquarters in Greece.

The specific spyware was used in order to attempt to trap the phone of PASOK-KINAL president Nikos Androulakis and to trap the mobile of journalist Thanasis Koukakis, at the same time with the monitoring by the Greek National Intelligence Service. The shareholders of the company are mainly Israelis but also Greeks, some of whom appear to have direct or indirect relations with political officials.

The Greek newspaper To Vima tis Kyriakis revealed dozens of confidential emails that seem to be related with the said phone tapping system, the use of which has caused problems on the Greek political scene. These emails clearly refer to the way the suspicious software operates and how it was distributed to governments and not only.


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