InsiderBusinessPetrol and diesel prices in Cyprus well below EU average

Petrol and diesel prices in Cyprus well below EU average

Market prices for petrol and diesel oil in Cyprus (after taxes) remain below the E.U. average, data released by the European Commission on Thursday show.


According to the data, the average price of petrol (super 95 octane) after taxes in the Cypriot market is €1.369,21 per litre (reference date January 16, 2023), while the EU average is €1.697,03.

The most expensive petrol in the EU is sold in Denmark, where citizens pay an average of €1.981 per litre after taxes. Denmark is followed by Finland with €1.871 per litre, while Greece and France are in third place with €1.857 per litre.

Italy is fourth with an average price per litre of €1.813,58, followed by Germany with €1.801, the Netherlands with €1.813 and Sweden with an average selling price per litre of €1.755,78.

The cheapest petrol in the EU is in Romania, where it costs €1.287,44 per litre after taxes, Slovenia with €1.300.96 per litre, Bulgaria with €1.300,8.


As regards diesel, the highest prices are in Sweden, where it costs €2.160,3 per litre, Finland (€2.061 per litre) and Denmark (1.889,99 per litre).

In Cyprus, the average price for diesel is 1.573,88 euros per litre after taxes. The EU average is 1.771,87 euros, according to European Commission data.

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