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Person known to police involved in provision of security services – Justice Ministry

A person known to the police is illegally controlling a team of around 30 security guards and is competing with legal security companies in the provision of security services, Phileleftheros reported.

It said that around 30 independent security guards have formed a group under the person known to the police and are competing licensed security companies in tenders to provide security services.

According to Phileleftheros, the group has practically formed an informal company and as a result, authorities cannot monitor its operations.

For this reason, the Justice Ministry is drafting a series of legal amendments changing the process under which security guards receive their licence.

Under the proposed amendments:

  • To receive a licence, a private security office must have more than 15 security guards on the payroll
  • The licence application fee for security companies will increase from €400 to €1,000
  • The licence renewal fee will increase from €1,000 to €5,000
  • Security guards must have their names on their uniforms
  • Five inspectors will be employed by the government to monitor companies’ operations

Currently, there more than 1,500 licensed private security guards in Cyprus.

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