InsiderEconomyPeople in Cyprus still buying luxury cars despite economic downturn

People in Cyprus still buying luxury cars despite economic downturn

The market for luxury cars is still alive in Cyprus despite the energy crisis, economic uncertainty, and delivery delays.

According to data from the Statistical Service, during the first ten months of 2022, there were four registrations of Rolls Royce vehicles, one new and three second-hand.

Furthermore, there were 52 registrations of Maseratis, of which 28 were new and 24 second-hand. Out of the 28 new ones, six were gasoline-powered, one diesel-powered, and 21 hybrid.

There were also 25 registrations of Bentleys, 12 new ones, and 13 second-hand ones. All new ones were gasoline-powered while nine of the second-hand ones were gasoline-powered and four hybrids.

Furthermore, during these ten months 13 Ferraris were registered, six new ones, and seven second-hand. There were also three Hummer cars, one new one and two second-hand, and 42 Teslas, one new and electric and 41 second-hand also electric.

Also, the data show 15 Lamborghinis were registered; four new ones, and 11 second-hand, all of them gasoline-powered.

There also were 229 Porsches, 173 new ones, and 56 second-hand ones. Some 107 new ones are gasoline-powered, 23 are electric models, and 43 are hybrids.

The registrations include three Mclaren vehicles, one new and two second-hand, one used Lincoln, two Bugattis, one new electric and one second-hand gasoline-powered, one second-hand gasoline-powered Cadillac, and 97 Jaguar cars, 31 new and 66 second-hand.

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