NewsLocalPeople forging disabled blue cards in Limassol to get parking space

People forging disabled blue cards in Limassol to get parking space


Able bodied citizens in Limassol are taking up disabled parking spaces across the city by placing forged blue parking cards on their windshields.

According to Limassol Disabled Rehabilitation Unit General Secretary Zozo Christodoulou, people have found ‘holes’ in the system allowing them to forge the blue disabled cards, as well as obtain them under false pretences and providing fake details.

‘They are taking away disabled spaces from those who really need them’ she told Philenews.

Christodoulou said there were no particular specifications for the blue card, or any safety valves to recognise fake ones, so anyone can just colour print it, put it in plastic and place it on their windshield in order to get access to disabled parking spaces.

She said that such cases have been spotted by the organisation outside supermarkets in Limassol as well as the city’s General Hospital.

‘It’s tragic and there is no real monitoring’, she added.

She called on authorities to seek ways of preventing illegal holders from obtaining the blue card so easily, conduct more frequent checks and fine individuals who take advantage of the system.

The Limassol disabled further protest that officials have yet to provide them with ten additional parking spaces outside the Limassol General Hospital, as a counter for taking other disabled parking in order to place pre-fabricated offices.

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