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Pedestrianisation of Costaki Pantelides street gaining support

The pedestrianisation of Costaki Pantelides street is gaining support among Nicosia’s city council, philenews reported on Friday.

It said that it contacted councillors who said that there is a consensus that cars should not be allowed on the street.

The issue was recently discussed in an open meeting with the area’s shopkeepers, citizens and representatives of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry who supported the pedestrianisation of Costaki Pantelides.

A citizens group has gathered 3,000 signatures in support of this.

The newly-founded Nicosia Pedestrianised Areas Association said that it does not disagree with such a move but that it is essential to first pedestrianise Rigenis street.

It said this can be achieved only if Costakis Pantelides is left open to vehicles until Regina Street is pedestrianised.

They argue that this will help the Rigenis street area develop with good lighting, easy access to pedestrians and parking.
Asked to comment on the currently-closed “Tripoli” parking lot, next to Solomou Square, president of the traffic committee of the Municipality of Nicosia Chrysanthos Fakas said that it will open to the public in the next days.

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