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Pedestrian road in Pegeia reduces nuisance of seals

The Municipality of Pegeia is planning the establishment of a linear park along the coast, which will be used by the residents and visitors of the municipality for walk, recreation and sports. The cost of the park is expected to be around 2.5 million euros and will begin from the area of the Marina at Potima area and will end at Agios Georgios area.

At some sections of the park, where the two main places of reproduction of the Monachus monacus seal are situated a fence will be placed. Furthermore the Myotis blythi και Miniopterus schreibersii bats also maintain colonies there, but the proposed project is not expected to affect them since construction will be limited.

Also the project will reduce consequences on the flora and fauna of the region since the visitors will use the pedestrian road, reducing pressure on the wider environment.

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