NewsLocalPeaceful event by “initiative in Memory of Isaak-Solomou”

Peaceful event by “initiative in Memory of Isaak-Solomou”

Tomorrow’s protest at the Deryneia checkpoint will take place peacefully, the “initiative in Memory of Isaak-Solomou” assured, while the Mayor of Deryneia expressed concern due to the recent incidents at the checkpoint and the possible counter-measures from the occupied areas.

Speaking to CNA, Xenios Kasinides, spokesman of the Initiative, wondered why there is so much concern about the event since no incident has occurred in the events organized in the past 12 years. The motorcyclists’ procession has been taking place for 10 years peacefully aiming to honor the two heroes.

In reply to a relevant question, Kasinides said that they will respect all measures and protocols to restrict the spreading of COVID-19, appealing to the people who will attend to wear their masks and keep the safety distance.


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