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Parents to be charged due to their children’s absence from school

According to information, the Education Ministry is going to inform the Police about the decision of certain parents not to take their children to school, in protest to the measures against Covid-19 that are being implemented at schools. The reason is that according to law, school is obligatory until a child reaches the age of 15.

According to the same information, recently the Police have received several such cases from the Education Ministry, since the schools’ headmasters record the cases of absent students.

Regarding the situation at schools, currently all eyes are on the A’ Technical School in Limassol since this is where the Omicron variant has been detected to some students who travelled to Glasgow. Yesterday, the school remain closed for preventive reasons and will operate today again for people who are not contacts and will be tested in mobile units at the school. It is noted that the contacts of the students have been in isolation from the very first minute it was ascertained that they had tested positive to Covid-19 and its new variant.

Even though the situation at schools concerns both the officials and the organized parents, nobody wants to think about the possibility of closing schools, mainly high schools and technical schools where the students will have exams in a month.

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