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Parents and children advised about online risks

The Digital Security Authority/Computer Security Incident Response Team – Cybersecurity issued advice to parents and children in view of the new school year.

The authority pointed out that “we live in an era where technology exists to make our life easier but at the same time is accompanied by many dangers.”

Parents and children must be aware of the dangers and how they can be protected, the Authority noted in a relevant announcement.

Among the dangers mentioned, are internet addiction, sexual harassment of minors, online misinformation and phishing or spoofing; meaning the usage of fake emails, text messages, or copycat websites to commit identity theft.

The Authority proposes that parents become familiar with tools and websites that children use. It also advises parents to frequently check their children’s devices, create safe and unique passwords, install parental control software, limit the time their children spend online, as well as discuss with them about online risks and social media addiction.

Children are advised not to accept meetings with people met online and never to disclose personal details in chatrooms, as well as share photos without receiving permission from their parents.

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