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Paphos residents organise to plant 100,000 trees

Inspired by the citizens’ initiative “300,000 Trees in Nicosia’ a group in Paphos has got together to set up the “100,000 Trees in Paphos” initiative aiming at mobilizing local authorities, the Forestry Department and other groups to facilitate a massive tree planting project in autumn 2019.

“Paphos, is already facing the effects of global warming in the form of extended heatwave periods. Scientific projections are sketching a very unpleasant picture for the future with rising temperatures and a process of desertification reshaping the Cypriot landscape in the next few decades,” the group said on its Facebook page.

“There is a scientific consensus that reforestation can help combat climate change, soil corrosion and desertification and significantly reduce temperatures in urban environments. We do not wish to sit back and watch the effects of climate change destroy our habitats and make life on the island unbearable,” it added.

The group will have their first meeting at Technopolis at Tuesday, August 20 at 7 pm.

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