NewsLocalPaphos: Pedestrian hit by car while walking on pavement

Paphos: Pedestrian hit by car while walking on pavement

A 16 year old girl has been hospitalised after she was hit by a car as she walking along the pavement on Evagoras Pallikarides avenue in Paphos.

Police said that at about 14.40 on Friday a 21 year old driver failed to notice that the car ahead had stopped, and swerved on to the pavement to avoid it, hitting the teenager.

It then came to a stop after colliding with another car.

The young girl was taken by ambulance to Paphos Hospital with fractures where she has been hospitalised.

The 21 year old driver tested negative for alcohol.

Police sought an arrest warrant but the request was rejected by the court.

He is expected to be charged in writing.

In a separate incident in Kiti early on Saturday morning a drunk driver hit a pedestrian standing behind his car. The pedestrian was taken to hospital for first aid treatment

An alco-test was administered with a final reading of 76 mg. Police are investigating.

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