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Paphos has the lowest sewerage and water charges in Cyprus

Despite the recent corruption scandal involving the Sewerage Board of Paphos (S.B.P) and the fact that the House deudcted about €1 million in revenue in 2017, Paphos continues to charge the lowest sewerage fees for property owners in Cyprus. Paphos also has the cheapest water rates.

A reduction of 11% on charges was imposed by the House. The House also decided the provision of government funds to the Council to cover the difference in revenue. However, this grant according to the S.B.P, was due, since the Council considers that the Government owes it tens of millions of euros (€30 million – €40 million) for the implementation of projects to which the state was going to contribute. Due to these government funds, this year, the S.B.P will be able to maintain the same fees as last year and it has already begun to send bills to customers.

The S.B.P initially complained strongly about being forced to reduce fees by 11%. Paphos Mayor and S.B.P. chairman Phedon Phedonos was against the House’s decision, attributing the reduction to the meddling of large owners who had not been paying their due for years and who were called to pay higher taxes in 2017 after the revaluation of fixed assets on 1/1/2013. Now the S.B.P. claims that due to the revaluation of real estate in 2013, its revenue increased. This enabled the Council to make further reductions of around 30%.

In regard to sewerage charges throughout Cyprus, citizens of Nicosia (as well as municipalities and communities in the district ) pay 0.52 per thousand (charged on the basis of the value of each property). The Larnaca Sewerage Council charges 0.56 per thousand, the Sewerage Board of Limassol-Amathus, 0.40 per thousand, and the Paphos Sewerage Board, 0.40 per thousand.

For hotels, sewerage charges are subject to higher fluctuations depending on the district: hoteliers in Nicosia pay 0.52 per thousand, in Larnaca 1.1 per thousand (almost twice as much), in Limassol 1.05 per thousand and in Paphos 0.98 per thousand. In Nicosia sewerage charges are up 10% for 2018 after a House decision to reduce revenue for the Nicosia Sewerage Council by 27% last year.

Nicosia district citizens are charged 55 cents per cubic metre for water supply, Larnaca citizens 50 cents per tonne, Limassol citizens 64 cents per tonne, and Paphos citizens 42.7 cents per tonne.

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