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Paphos: Father jailed for 8 years for death of his three month old baby

A 29 year old man who pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of his three month old baby in Timi in February 2018  was jailed for eight years by Paphos Criminal Court on Tuesday.

The man was charged with causing the death of his child. Initially charges were also brought against the mother, but these were later dropped.

The baby died of head injuries after a fall. The father had told police the infant fell from the sofa but state pathologists who carried out a post-mortem examination said the injuries were not consistent with a fall from just 70 cm but were indicative of a fall from a greater height.

The defendant then changed his story and said he had dropped the baby as he was descending the metal staircase but had been afraid to tell police because he feared losing custody of his children.

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