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Paphos council reverses decision, supports cathedral in municipal park

Paphos city council on Monday voted in favour of the construction of a cathedral in the city’s municipal park, reversing its own decision taken on March 21.

The Paphos council met yesterday to reexamine the issue after demands by city councilors and citizens’ groups, philenews reports.

The construction was approved by 11 votes to nine, while Dysi councilor Giorgos Demetriades abstained.

In favour:

  • Paphos mayor Phedonas Phedonos
  • Deputy mayor Christos Makariou
  • Disy councillors Giorgos Tselepos, Giorgos Sofocleous, Linos Tsokkas, Lina Karaklidou
  • Edek councillors Vasos Demetriou, Philippos Philippou
  • Solidarity councillor Andreas Chrystantou
  • Elam councillor Michalakis Michail


  • All Diko and Akel councillors
  • Disy councillors Nikos Simillides, Constantinos Letymbiotis
  • Michalis Hadjimitsis of Save Paphos Movement
  • Edek councilor Panayiotis Vorkas

In the previous vote, the construction was turned down by 12 votes to seven.

Citizens and organised groups gathered outside the city’s hall before the voting process.

Bishop Georgios of Paphos also attended and presented the church’s views.

Paphos’ city council will now write to the Town Planning Department to inform it that it withdraws its objections to the Bishopric’s request to construct the cathedral.

The Council of Derogation will take the final decision on the matter.

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