NewsLocalPaphos company offers housing for 150 unaccompanied minors from Pournara

Paphos company offers housing for 150 unaccompanied minors from Pournara


A company in Paphos has come forward to break the deadlock in the housing of 150 unaccompanied minors that were relocated from the Pournara emergency reception centre, after the owner of a facility in the Famagusta area, reneged on a relevant agreement with the government to house the minors.

The management of ‘Alpha Panareti’ Group in Paphos, emailed social welfare deputy minister Anastasia Anthousi through its lawyer Nicoletta Charalambidou expressing interest in housing the minors at its own facilities in Paphos, considered to be suitable for the young asylum seekers accommodation.

The Group said it learned through media reports about the difficulties facing authorities in finding suitable apartments and/or residences to host the minors and informed Anthousi that they were prepared to cooperate with the social welfare ministry to provide a solution.

‘We own and/or manage facilities in Paphos that will secure dignified living conditions for the minors’, the company said, expressing willingness to come to an agreement with the state in renting them out at a ‘special price’, as part of the Group’s corporate social responsibility policy.

‘We want to secure the rights and smooth integration of unaccompanied minors to society’, Alpha Panareti said in its message, remaining at the ministry’s disposal.

The owner of a facility in Famagusta where the minors were to be initially relocated refused to sign the agreement reached and the government found an alternative in Paphos, but the owner also went back on his promises.

The social welfare ministry is hopeful that the latest proposal will not face any obstacles.

Delays in housing the minors, is placing them under severe risk, as they have already left Pournara and are wondering the streets.

According to Philenews, an attempted suicide was reported.

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