NewsLocalPaphos: capacity for 250,000 visitors over December-March period

Paphos: capacity for 250,000 visitors over December-March period

Although some tourist units will be suspending operations, Paphos will still have thousands of available beds for visitors this winter, Paphos’ Regional Board of Tourism said on Wednesday.

It said that after a preliminary survey among members of the two hotel associations and other hoteliers, 12,000 beds will be operational in the period December 2019 to March 2020.

These are in all classifications of accommodation. The majority of units suspending operation are doing so between December and February for renovations, it added..

In the winter season 2018 to 2019, Paphos attracted about 180,000 visitors. The 12,000 available beds translate into a capacity for 250,00 visitors.

In 2018, Paphos attracted 39% of total arrivals, that is 1.5 million visitors or whom 1.3 million came between April and November.

Paphos’ Regional Board of Tourism said that despite efforts underway, this winter is expected to be a relatively difficult one because of restricted air links to key markets, a number of tour operators do not include Paphos-Cyprus in their packages, the closure of Thomas Cook, the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and Cyprus’ image as primarily a summer destination.

But there are also positive developments on the horizon both as regards new air links and as regards efforts to extend the season with the board noting an increase in special interest tourism such as nature, culture, sport, golf  and third age tourism.

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