NewsLocalPaphos Brits charged with threatening dog-loving neighbour

Paphos Brits charged with threatening dog-loving neighbour

Paphos police have charged two Britons after a woman complained they had threatened her because she takes in stray dogs.

The two Britons, aged 52 and 68, are permanent residents of Paphos.

The complaint was lodged by a 40 year old woman lawyer who said that her neighbour and another person had rang her door bell, and when she opened it, one was holding a gun and another a club. The woman said the two threatened her because she sometimes brought in stray dogs and this annoyed them.

During a search of the house of the 52 year old, police found a toy gun — which the woman recognised– and the club, which were taken in as evidence.

The two men were charged in writing for conspiring to commit a crime, illegal entry, threatening violence and carrying a weapon with intent to frighten.

They will appear in court at a later stage.



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