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Pandora box opens after EP adopts resolution on corruption also naming Cyprus President

The government has tried to downplay the fact President Nicos Anastasiades was explicitly named in a resolution focusing on corruption and adopted by the European Parliament on Thursday.

But the opposition is far from willing to budge on the Pandora Papers revelations with analysts saying Pandora’s Box has just opened.

The Strasbourg-based Parliament’s resolution was adopted by 578 votes in favour, 28 against and 79 abstentions.

MEPs are calling for thorough investigations to be launched into any wrongdoing exposed by the Pandora Papers that took place in EU jurisdictions.

MEPs have reserved specific condemnation for a number of EU and former EU politicians including Anastasiades, Wopke Hoekstra, Dutch Minister of Finance, Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister and John Dalli, former Maltese Minister and EU Commissioner.

All of them were mentioned in the Pandora papers.

MEPs have also called for legal action to be taken by the Commission against EU countries that do not properly execute existing laws.

In Nicosia, the House Ethics Committee is to begin discussions on the Pandora Papers next week but opposition MPs have already described developments as despicable and called on the President to resign.

“Nicos Anastasiades has made history in turning Cyprus into a laughing stock throughout the world. This is not only a problem for Mr Anastasiades, but an indignity hanging over the country itself,” main opposition Akel said in a statement.

But the government spokesman’s response was that Akel was resorting to sensationalism and cheap politicking.

And that the media reports clearly have not directly implicated the President in dodgy dealings reminding that Anastasiades himself has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing.

His response is that the Pandora Papers are talking about the law firm bearing his name and nothing else.


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