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Pandemic management and corona pass the focus of the election campaign on Thursday

The pandemic management in view of the new measures the government announced and they are put into effect on Monday, May 10th was the focus of the election campaign on Thursday. The statements by the political parties mainly related to the corona pass and how this is going to work and whether it violates the rights of the citizens. Some parties also focused on the technical problems of the Vaccination Portal as well as the golden passports and the passports of the Cyprus Republic obtained by Turkish Cypriots, member of the illegal government in occupied Cyprus.

Democratic Rally, DISY, President Averof Neophytou said that the measures announced are positive however he posed the question whether the decisions for the corona pass are practically applicable. He also criticized the fact that the citizens are faced with problems due to technical issues at the Vaccination Portal.

AKEL’s spokesperson Stephanos Stephanou said that the citizens are constantly experiencing issues when asked to book their vaccination appointment and asked the government to find solutions. He also said that the new measures cannot violate human rights and freedoms. He also added the government is still called upon as regards the citizenship scheme and the golden passports.

Nikolas Papadopoulos, the President of DIKO said that the informal meeting in Geneva reflects on the government`s inadequacy to deal with the Cyprus problem. He said that the government is hold accountable for the results of the meeting. DIKO candidates Charalambos Pittokopitis and Polymnia Lefteri criticized the government for the new measures to contain the covid pandemic.

EDEK said that the Health Minister and the Scientific committee must resign as a result of the new measures. EDEK also referred to the passport scheme and said that the government still continues to show a total lack of transparency.

Citizens Alliance said that the situation with the Vaccination Portal needs to be resolved and the government also needs to take action as regards the situation at the vaccination centers.

Solidarity Movement said that the Health Minister must assume responsibility and the Parliament must examine his right to issue decrees.

Green Movement spoke of issues of human rights as regards the corona pass and also criticized the situation with the Vaccination Portal.

ELAM said that it disagrees with the introduction of the corona pass and spoke of violation of human rights.

DEPA, Democratic Front said that the technical issues with the Portal must be resolved and referred to the debate about the corona pass and the human rights.

Animal party announced the support by personalities in Greece who call on citizens to vote the party.


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