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Pandemic before the gates once again

Europe is once again facing the problem of the pandemic. Several European countries like Portugal, Luxembourg, France, Greece, Cyprus, Germany and Austria have been recently recording a worsening of epidemiological indicators.

The scene in Italy reminds of March 2020 with the doctors requesting increase of beds and respirators, while in Germany the Federation of Hospitals is concerned about the increased number of absences of staff in hospitals due to Covid-19. In the UK, almost one in 10 beds had been given to a Covid-19 patient with the scientists urgently appealing for the updating of vaccines to deal with mutations. In France, the Authorities brought back the use of mask in several, mainly tourist areas since the number of infections has more than double.

In Cyprus, health authorities on Friday announced 14,914 new coronavirus infections all across Cyprus within this past week with the positivity rate rising to 13.42%. Moreover, 97 Covid-19 patients are currently receiving treatment at state hospitals, eight of whom in serious condition. Besides, as of yesterday, the measure of the protective mask has returned at a decision of the cabinet.

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