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Painted Lady butterflies in massive migration over Cyprus (video)

Millions of butterflies have made their appearance in Cyprus as part of an annual migration from North Africa, to the delight of hundreds of people across the island captivated by the beautiful sight.

Elli Tzirkalli, a doctoral student at Ioannina University and a butterfly researcher told, philenews that the mass migration of the Vanessa Cardui or Painted Lady starts from North Africa, passes through Israel and Cyprus, over the Mediterranean and then to Central Europe.

At the beginning of May, the Painted Lady will also be observed in the UK, she said.

Tzirkalli said that the flight of butterflies is observed in Cyprus every year at this time of the year. However this year’s migration appears to have multiple generations. She said the reason for migration are weather conditions, and their survival.

The Painted Lady can had been seen in Cyprus to a smaller scale throughout the year from Akrotiri to Mount Olympus.

Cyprus has a special group — the Cyprus Butterfly Studies group — which studies the specific species, she said adding that  a butterfly observation programme would be launched soon.

Video by kitasweather:

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