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Paedophile arrested for CCTV camera

Two days ago, the police arrested the paedophile that was prematurely released from prison after attaining a presidential pardon. The arrest took place when the police realised that he had installed CCTV cameras facing the street and namely in the direction of the house where his now adult victim lives with her family.

According to Fileleftheros Newspaper, the Police investigated his home under a court order after it attained information regarding possession of explosives.

During the investigation, only a CCTV camera was detected, which was then confiscated and its content evaluated by the Police Headquarters.

The perpetrator was accused of violating the law with regards to personal data. He was eventually released and will be summoned to justice at a later date.

With instructions from the President of the Republic, Nicos Anastasiades, procedures are being put in place in order to protect the victim and her family from the paedophile. A letter from the Supervision Authority for Sexual Offenses against Minors requesting formal protection measures has already been sent to the Police.

Nicos Anastasiades had a telephone conversation with the victim’s family, during which he expressed his apologies for the early release of the paedophile due to his presidential pardon.

The President of the Republic explained to the family that he had proceeded to give presidential pardons on the occasion of his re-election and now deemed the presidential pardon to paedophiles a mistake, all the while assuring the victim’s family that he would be at their side.

On the other hand, the victim’s family expressed their discontent with the fact that they were not notified about the offender’s early release. The victim, like her parents, was shocked when she saw him in the streets of the community in which she and her family resides.

Justice Minister, Ionas Nicolaou, who also had a telephone conversation with the victim’s family, attended a meeting of the Supervision Authority for Sexual Offenses against Minors, which decided that during the course of this week, the Legal Services will file an application for decree of the Court in order for the paedophile to be placed under its supervision.

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