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Out of 904 Covid deaths so far, 232 took place within year’s first 76 days

Out of a total of 904 Coronavirus deaths recorded in Cyprus since the outbreak of the pandemic two years ago as many as 232 took place between January 1, 2022 and Tuesday evening.

That is, 25.5% of Covid-19 deaths in Cyprus took place within the year’s first 76 days, Philenews reports.

“We must learn to ‘read’ the numbers we are bombarded with on a daily basis so that we do not end up with wrong conclusions,” head of the government’s scientific advisory committee on the pandemic Constantinos Tsioutis told Philenews.

“We are currently not going through a transitional period for the pandemic in terms of the virus tending to become endemic,” he said.

“We are now going through a transitional period in the sense that we have to adjust everything in order to succeed in order to be able to adapt to the data imposed on our lives by the pandemic and to be able to continue safely without any limitations,” he added.

Tsioutis also said that, undoubtedly,  the ‘Omicron’ mutation in general gives milder symptoms and fewer hospitalizations. But, on the other hand, people who do not have the necessary immunity are still at the same risk as at the time of the pandemic’s outbreak.

And the number of deaths has not decreased at all while the overall effects will be determined in a final report, he added.

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