NewsLocalOsadchiy: Russia considers Cyprus' sanctions over Ukraine an 'unfriendly act'

Osadchiy: Russia considers Cyprus’ sanctions over Ukraine an ‘unfriendly act’

There is no similarity between the 1974 Turkish invasion in Cyprus and Ankara’s continued occupation of territory and what’s going on in Ukraine right now, the Russian Ambassador in Nicosia tells Philenews.

Stanislav V. Osadchiy also said in an interview published on Wednesday that Moscow has no intention to take over Ukraine which has been under ferocious Russian bombardment over the past 20 days.

As soon as Moscow achieves the goals of its military operation it will withdraw from Ukraine, he added, before arguing that Cyprus – along with the rest of EU countries – failed to take into consideration Russia’s concerns and red lines.

The Ambassador also warned that the Ukrainian issue will become a catalyst in Moscow’s bilateral relations with other countries.

“We will see how each country reacted toward us following the situation in Ukraine and this will be taken into account as regards the development of our bilateral relations,” he said.

“Sanctions taken are causing huge problems. Russia considers them unfair and perceives them as an unfriendly act,” he added.

However, he did confirm that  Russia’s stand towards the Cyprus problem has not changed.

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