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Oroklini patricide defendant committed to mental hospital

Larnaca Criminal Court on Monday ordered a 34 year old man charged with killing his 62 year old father in Oroklini last April to be committed to a psychiatric centre.

It said that after the 34 year old had pleaded not guilty, his lawyer asked the court to rule that his client was unfit to stand trial because of mental health issues.

The court ordered an examination to determine whether the defendant suffers from mental illness and he was examined by  state and a private psychiatrists.

They found that the defendant suffered from schizophrenia and would require treatment throughout his life.

Based on these findings the court ruled that the defendant was unfit to stand trial and ordered he be committed.

It said that this decision applies only to his mental state for the duration of the trial and does not imply that he was mentally unfit when the crime was committed.

The incident occurred on April 11, 2018. The grandmother of the defendant told police that there was a heated argument between the father and son as to whether the latter had taken his medication. She then heard the father (her son) say, “mum, he stabbed me.” The grandson fled.

The man was taken to Larnaca Hospital where he died a little before midnight on the same night.

The defendant was arrested on April 12 and told arresting officers “I stabbed him, I will go to jail,” and showed police where he had thrown away the knife.

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