NewsLocalOrganized cyclists call for immediate repeal of mandatory helmet use law

Organized cyclists call for immediate repeal of mandatory helmet use law

Hours only after the law on mandatory helmet use by anyone on a bicycle came in effect in Cyprus organized cyclists on Wednesday called for its immediate repeal.

They argue that mandatory helmet use reduces the number of cyclists and creates a barrier to future bicycle use, Philenews reports.

“We believe that all cyclists should be able to choose what they wear on their bikes, and should be respected if they choose to wear a helmet of if they choose not to,” insiders also said.

Nonetheless, Traffic Police pointed out the dangers of cyclists riding between vehicles and repeated their stand that helmets can save lives.

Senior traffic police officer Harris Evripidou also said that a fine of €50 is there for those violating the law.

“But we will be lenient. Where we see cyclists riding in places where their lives are endangered, namely on highways and busy roads where they mix with vehicles, then they will be fined.”

He also said that Police would not go to parks and deliberately look out for cyclists not wearing a helmet.

And then pointed out that four cyclists were killed last year, two of whom  were not wearing their helmets and the cause of death was head injury.

“These figures, show us that not wearing one has that effect, whether the cyclist is at fault or not. So, our recommendation is that helmet use should be enforced to protect cyclists.”

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