NewsLocalOpen area in Famagusta district filled with 1,000 tonnes of old tyres

Open area in Famagusta district filled with 1,000 tonnes of old tyres

An open area in Famagusta district is filled with a total of 1,000 tonnes of old tyres waiting for their collection by the Vasilikos cement factory, Philenews reported on Wednesday.

Out of the total quantity, 900 tonnes are unshredded tyres and the remaining 100 tonnes are shredded.

Another 103 tonnes that were in Lakatamia area in Nicosia have already been transferred to Vasilikos waiting to be processed.

This is what Minister of Agriculture, Costas Kadis, said in a reply letter to the island’s Green Party which queried about the tyres in the open area .

The Minister also noted that between August-October 2018, a total of 1,800 tonnes of tyres were transported to Vasilikos plant for processing.

However, following a fierce fire on June 11 last year at Vasilikos plant has put the brakes on this.

The Minister assured that the tyre waste management system called  “E4C Ltd” has been applied till the collection of waste from Vasilikos plant fully resumes.

This provides storage space at a licensed excavation waste management facility and construction and demolition waste (C&DW) in Famagusta district. And the transfer of the said accumulated tyres is expected to start soon, he added.

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