NewsLocalOnly part of the investigators’ report to be given to Thanasis’ family

Only part of the investigators’ report to be given to Thanasis’ family

Only a part of the report on the death of national guardsman Thanasis Nicolaou in 2005 will be given to his family, Attorney General George Savvides announced on Monday.

The lawyer and the family of Thanasis Nicolaou were invited to the Legal Service today to be briefed on the next steps of the case, however, they refused to attend the meeting.

The family of Thanasis has been asking for the entire report, however, the Legal Service claims that they have to protect the process which is still in progress.

In a news conference, the Attorney General also said that having studied the report, it was decided that it must be given to the police for further investigations.

Savvides added that Antonis Alexopoulos, one of the two investigators who worked on the report will assist in the investigations of the authorities, while the other investigator, Savvas Matsas will be released since he did not observe the rules of confidentiality during the investigation.

The mother of Thanasis Nicolaou appeared displeased with the Attorney General’s decision. In a post on social media, she also described the decision to relieve investigator Savvas Matsis of his duties as outrageous.

Nicolaou, 25, was found dead under a bridge in Alassa, Limassol, in 2005. His death had been ruled a suicide by authorities, however, his family has been disputing the ruling for the past 17 years, saying that their son was a victim of bullying and claiming that the initial ruling was the result of a cover-up.

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