NewsLocalOnly 54% of Cypriots agree with EU sanctions on Russia

Only 54% of Cypriots agree with EU sanctions on Russia

According to the findings of the spring Eurobarometer of the European Parliament, only 54% of the participants in Cyprus agree with the EU sanctions against Russia, compared to 80% which is the EU average.

At the same time, Cyprus is one of the countries where 80% of the citizens believe that their everyday life will be affected by the Russian invasion in Ukraine. This percentage is the second biggest after Greece (86%) when the EU average was 61%.

Cyprus also constitutes an exception regarding the percentage of persons asked who have a positive view on Russia since 36% said they have a positive view, compared to the EU average which was 10%.

Furthermore, 42% of the Cypriots (and 52% in the EU citizens) have a positive image of the European Union.

Moreover, 48% of participants in Cyprus believe that the defense of freedom and democracy must be a priority. Regarding the challenges to which Cypriots believe that the European Parliament must give priority, first for Cypriots is public health (58%) and then combating poverty and social exclusion (45%) and support of economy and establishing new working positions (42%)

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