InsiderEconomyOnline register for lobbyists to be established in 2023

Online register for lobbyists to be established in 2023

The Cyprus Association of Lobbyists and Public Affairs Professionals (LPAP – was handed a pledge from the Independent Authority Against Corruption to establish an online register for lobbyists in Cyprus.

During a meeting, the two bodies highlighted the importance of close cooperation between them, with the lobbyists assuring the Authority that they will support all its effort for transparency, sound administration and combating corruption.

They also asked to be informed about the measures that the Authority intends to promote during the implementation of legislation regulating lobbying that was enacted past February.

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The Association also requested briefing as regards when the register of lobbyists would be ready.

On its part, the Authority mentioned that for the time being it is waiting for the approval of its operational rules and hopes to commence work in the first six months of 2023.

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