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Online bullying, sexual harassment in Cyprus on the rise

Online bullying and sexual harassment in Cyprus is on the rise with a number of users now taking the step of reaching out to the CyberSafety Helpline 1480.

This is what Philenews reported on Monday, adding that data on online bullying covering the period between July 1 and September 30, 2021 recorded an increase 16.49%.

And that online unwanted sexual conduct or sexual harassment cases during that same period increased by 5.7% compared with last year’s reaching a high of 8.65%.

Specifically, from July 1 to September 30  a total of 648 people contacted the 1480 Helpline, of which only 370 cases concerned the bullying and sexually harassment cases.

The 1480 phone service is coordinated by the Pedagogical Institute of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture.

Anyone can call the hotline 1480 anonymously and free of charge and by doing so young people can express any concerns they may have about using the Internet, ask for advice and receive support.

Through the hotline, illegal web content or activity can also be reported.


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