NewsLocalOngoing flows of migrants at Pournara Reception Center

Ongoing flows of migrants at Pournara Reception Center

The situation at Pournara Reception Center is out of control, with 70-100 application by asylum seekers on a daily basis. These applications are filed by people mainly coming from Sub-Saharan countries of Africa.

The Center can barely handle the situation but the worst part is that, according to information, thousands of foreign students and migrants are in the non-government-controlled areas getting ready to come to the government-controlled areas of Cyprus.

According to the same sources, there are people who will push the migrants to the free area for a fee.

During the first two months of 2022, applications by asylum seekers exceeded 2,000.

The Interior Ministry is focusing its policy on three steps: placing natural obstacles to prevent the flows, use of technology, and supervision. Already barbed wire has been placed in various points from Atromeritis until Kokkinotrimithia and the fence will be expanded.

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