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One organ donor can save up to nine lives (video)

World Organ Donation Day is observed on October 28th and the Health Ministry aims at spreading awareness about organ donations and their importance.

The Health Ministry in Cyprus aims to ensure that patients who need a transplant have a quality, happy, and healthy life that will be supported by the generosity and the selfless decision of citizens to be registered at the register of organ donation, it said in an announcement on Friday.

Organ transplant permits the restoration of bodily functions that had been fully or partially lost and it is important for citizens to know that one organ donor can save up to nine lives, the announcement added.

The organs that can be transplanted are kidneys, heart, liver, lungs, pancreas, and thymus.

In Cyprus, around 20 kidney transplants take place every year, while more than 1,000 patients are on hemodialysis.

The State Health Services Organization (OKYPY) has recently established a new modern Transplant Clinic at the Nicosia General Hospital that will contribute to the promotion of transplants in Cyprus.

Furthermore, through the memorandums of cooperation that Cyprus has signed with Spain and Israel, collaborations with the exchange of know-how and expertise become stronger.

For some people, an organ transplant is indeed a matter of life and death. Currently, many of our compatriots are on a waiting list for the transplant of an organ that will save or improve their lives. Their only hope for a second chance in life relies on each one of us.

People can complete the registration form on the Register of Possible Organ Donors online on the Health Ministry’s website at, by clicking on the icon on the right “How to become an organ donor,” or by sending the form to [email protected]

Today’s message by the Health Ministry and the Council of Transplant is:
Grab the chance to affect positively nine lives.

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