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Cyprus gets 100 new police officers and fire fighters

A total of 100 new police officers and fire fighters were sworn in on Monday in an effort to strengthen the numbers of these two bodies, while 356 more positions remain open.

A long process of hiring new police officers and fire-fighters has ended considering that this started in 2019 and was suspended in March after the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic.

Candidates for the positions which also demand taking exams had demanded an end to the prolonged process.

Initially the open positions were 256 but because fewer candidates passed the interviews only 100 were eventually hired.

Only 114 candidates passed, initially, but only 105 accepted the position and five of them chose to withdraw the last minute when they were informed they would be hired for the Police Department and not for the Fire Department.

Twenty-five of the 100 have already been assigned to the Fire Department, however, at this time and without any training they cannot offer their services were needed.

It is noted that 34 candidates who were cut in one of the two psychometric tests objected to the ruling and the issue was discussed before the Parliament’s Legal Committee, a couple of weeks ago.

Chief of Police Stelios Papatheodorou has said that the procedure cannot be by-passed due to a clear ruling by the Attorney General’s Office.

Philenews has information that some of them have already applied for candidacy for the new positions that were announced, while some have taken legal action to appeal the proceedings.


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