NewsLocalOmicron" variant dominant in Cyprus, but "Delta" is persistent

Omicron” variant dominant in Cyprus, but “Delta” is persistent

The “Omicron” coronavirus variant seems to be dominant in Cyprus with latest Health Ministry data showing the percentage of its patients being as high as 96.2%.

However, the “Delta” variant seems to be persistent since hospitals these days are receiving more and more of its patients who end up in Intensive Care Units as well.

At the same time, the Epidemiological Surveillance Unit data shows that the number of re-infections, that is people infected with the virus for the second time, is also on the rise week after week.

Philenews found out that scientists have already asked for a detailed report in order to see whether these people have been initially infected with other mutations or if they are re-infected with the “Omicron” one.

This is a phenomenon that has been recorded worldwide.

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