InsiderEconomyOmbudswoman: Single-parents should receive state allowance even when they cohabitate with partners

Ombudswoman: Single-parents should receive state allowance even when they cohabitate with partners

Ombudswoman Maria Stylianou Lottides is requesting a change in the framework according to which a single parent receives an allowance from the state, as in many cases this allowance stops when the woman lives with someone.

In a special report prepared following a complaint by a single mother, Maria Stylianou Lottides suggested that the term “single-parent family” should not presuppose that the single parent must not live with someone and consequently he or she will lose the allowance if living with another person.

The reason is that the legislator wants to support the recipient of the allowance to cover the child’s basic necessities something that the person living with them has no legal obligation to do.

The ombudswoman also noted that recipients of the allowance might refrain from living with someone, in case they lose the money they receive from the state. This affects the private life and freedom of persons, Lottidou stressed in her report.

The report also pointed out that when the allowance of a single-parent family stops, in essence, the child is also punished and its quality of life is affected.

Maria Stylianou Lottides, in her report, requested the following from the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare:

  • To adopt and implement a strict timeframe regarding the initial evaluation of each request, and check whether this is duly completed and accompanied by the relevant documents so that citizens will be informed in time that more documents are needed.
  • To carry out due diligence investigations to ascertain whether single-parents live with another person and establish the facts in a timely manner.
  • To carry out investigations of the family situation of applicants in a timely manner so that beneficiaries can receive the money they are entitled to.
  • The examination of the requests must be completed as soon as possible since applicants need this allowance to cover the family’s needs.

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