NewsLocalOfficials push Finance Minister Petrides for mayor of Nicosia

Officials push Finance Minister Petrides for mayor of Nicosia

While the campaign for the parliamentary elections was still in progress, local officials approached Finance Minister Konstantinos Petrides sounding him out on whether he would be willing to be a candidate for Nicosia mayor in the elections of December.

According to information, even though he is not very enthusiastic about the idea, he did not exclude it. It is noted that in case he left the Finance Ministry he would examine the possibility of a job in the private sector from where he has already received proposals.

However, as he said, no final decisions have been made.

Petrides seems to have been tired by his term in the government first as an Interior Minister and currently as a Minister of Finance. It its noted that he is the only Minister who is still in the government since 2013

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