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Officials get mobile phones, laptops, iPads with no conditions attached

Mobile phones, laptops and iPads will be provided to entitled government and state officials in Cyprus but with absolutely no reference to the monthly cost or any conditions attached.

This is what Philenews reported on Friday citing a circular issued by the Finance Ministry with the list of beneficiaries as approved by Cabinet on March 10.

The Ministry’s circular was released on April 6 and beneficiaries are the following:  Attorney General, President of the Public Service Committee, President of the Education Service Committee, Auditor General and Assistant Auditor General.

As well as the Administrative Commissioner, Health Supervision Commissioner, Legislation Commissioner, Personal Data Protection Commissioner, head of Intelligence Service, Director General of Parliament, Permanent Secretaries  of Ministries, Undersecretaries and Directorate-Generals for European Programs’ Coordination and Development.

Also, Commissioner for the Presidency, Ministers, Undersecretaries of State, Government Spokesman, Deputy Government Spokesman, Council of Ministers Secretary, Director of the President’s Press Office and Heads of Diplomatic Missions.

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